Thursday, December 31, 2009


we're ringing in the new year with an oldie but a goodie. c.slater vs. asian mafia, what can be better than that?  this one goes out to my boys b.dunworth, b.solomos and b.maloney.

"hello, bolsa video?"

"nice threads, kelly."

and who can forget, officer lucero.

"i was in scarface, motherfucker..."

ps- retitled "a brothers justice, for t.v."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a storm's brewin

here's an example of an unclassy classic video part. i'd have to say my relationship with the shorty's/osiris team back in the day was nothing short of love/hate. you had to love that these guys had some serious skill but let's face it...everyone on the team was pretty much a poseur thug, peter smolik being one of the worst offenders.  i have to give it up to the guy though, his shit was always tight and he seemed like he knew how to have a good time.  

around the time this video came out it was fashionable to skate with some of the most butt-ugly shoes ever produced.  what shoe companies were the worst?  well, you guessed it, osiris was probably on the top of the list.  globe also had some ridiculously bad designs as well.



let's not crucify these guys for having a haggard style...i can say that i owned a few pair of globe's myself (however, they were pretty fashionable and were nowhere near the D3 steez.)  so put on your favorite pair of track pants/mesh shorts and sit back and enjoy the flip-in/flip-out craze that was 1997.  

ps- be on the lookout for smolik's insane kickflip over the fence.
pss- be on the lookout for one of the worst rap songs ever...

(malone's added his 2 cents on this one.  let us not forget the terribleness that was converse cashing in on skateboarding and making some god-awful shoes.)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

knights in white satin...

i know it's from another transworld video but this is just another classic. heath front/back lips everything in sight, does a tailslide down your parents banister and basically wrecks any ledge in his path.  i especially enjoi the 5-0 through the kink and the monster 50-50 on the chest high ledge.  oh, and who can forget the song? fuckin moody blues...(sidenote: this was the first karaoke song i ever sang.)

missing from this section is the insane lipslide heath attempts on a retardedly steep and tall rail.  it's in the credits of this vid and he goes for it until he eventually breaks his board.  you even get to see him punching himself in the head for giving up on it last-second.  
found it! peep 1:10, that's where the show begins.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

oh christmas...

here's another classic jam from almost 10 years ago. marc johnson is one of my all-time favorite skaters. his style is so fluid and relaxed, it's just fun to watch him sesh. look out for the switch 360 flip down a little double-set, the varial-heelflip to backside nosegrind and every manual combo he throws downs.

ps- does the a-team still exist? i couldn't help but notice the shirt...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

slashin for life

Hopewell Sesh from Moral Fibers on Vimeo.
thanks for the video, bri. look for my half-ass 50-50 on a 6 inch tall box. (i also enjoyed the die hard 2 clips.) big ups to the heavy hitters aka malones, j.battiato and william solomos.

y2k son!

mr. maloney posted up some amazing footage of andy reynolds and it inspired me to put up a clip from one of my favorite videos, transworld's anthology. a classic vid with even more classic footage in it, not to mention some classic lines from dyrdek.  it also features a classic skater, tom penny, who in my mind has the most amazing switch frontside flip ever.  (can i say classic some more?)

"just a switch ollie was sketchy.."
"we skated the chain numerous times before.."

mr. brian dunworth knows what i'm talking about here, we've quoted those lines so many times it's goin outta style.

ps- look for the cigarette in penny's hand when he does the switch kickflip over the chain.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


enjoy some old footy from the year of '98. i remember the summer this jam came out and watching it down at the beach. everything in this section is classic, from the original koston shoes maldonado reps to jamie thomas lurking in the corner's unbelievable this shit came out almost 12 years ago!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

we're back...(you better bring it)

that's right ladies & gentlemen, facetown-treatboyz is making it's return to tha internetz.  for those of you who don't know or can't remember this rag-tag skate crew i'll give you a little backstory (very little, to be exact..)

it all started about 4 years ago when i moved to california.  there was a little website called myspace, maybe you remember it?  i got the idea to start a silly group since my friend hudson had shut down a ridiculous website called pocketburger (remember that one?)

pocketburger was basically the site for all our friends to look at retarded videos and photos of a group of us being complete idiots (assholes, jerks, being totally fazed out and such.)  since pocketburger's demise i thought it would be fun to try and build up something similar, thus dawning facetown-treatboyz.

to say facetown-treatboyz was a success would be an overstatement.  i got lazy almost immediately after starting the group.  sure, i got a bunch of our friends to join up and we all got generally pumped to make it a fun jam to check out.  naturally, facetown-treatboyz had a few funny photos and that was about it.  we also ran into the problem of not having 8 retarded friends living together, making it hard to produce fresh material.  it faded out once i deleted my myspace and has been extinct for over 2 years now.

i decided to bring it back as sort of a throw-back to old times: skateboarding, boozing and eating treats.  i'm in the process of trying to archive super old skate footage as well.  i'll post up the general nonsense that went down almost 10 years ago!  i'm also on a vision quest to get back into skating again.  i've pretty much been semi-retired for the last 7 years but we'll see how i fair in the next few months.