Wednesday, December 2, 2009

we're back...(you better bring it)

that's right ladies & gentlemen, facetown-treatboyz is making it's return to tha internetz.  for those of you who don't know or can't remember this rag-tag skate crew i'll give you a little backstory (very little, to be exact..)

it all started about 4 years ago when i moved to california.  there was a little website called myspace, maybe you remember it?  i got the idea to start a silly group since my friend hudson had shut down a ridiculous website called pocketburger (remember that one?)

pocketburger was basically the site for all our friends to look at retarded videos and photos of a group of us being complete idiots (assholes, jerks, being totally fazed out and such.)  since pocketburger's demise i thought it would be fun to try and build up something similar, thus dawning facetown-treatboyz.

to say facetown-treatboyz was a success would be an overstatement.  i got lazy almost immediately after starting the group.  sure, i got a bunch of our friends to join up and we all got generally pumped to make it a fun jam to check out.  naturally, facetown-treatboyz had a few funny photos and that was about it.  we also ran into the problem of not having 8 retarded friends living together, making it hard to produce fresh material.  it faded out once i deleted my myspace and has been extinct for over 2 years now.

i decided to bring it back as sort of a throw-back to old times: skateboarding, boozing and eating treats.  i'm in the process of trying to archive super old skate footage as well.  i'll post up the general nonsense that went down almost 10 years ago!  i'm also on a vision quest to get back into skating again.  i've pretty much been semi-retired for the last 7 years but we'll see how i fair in the next few months.

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