Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a storm's brewin

here's an example of an unclassy classic video part. i'd have to say my relationship with the shorty's/osiris team back in the day was nothing short of love/hate. you had to love that these guys had some serious skill but let's face it...everyone on the team was pretty much a poseur thug, peter smolik being one of the worst offenders.  i have to give it up to the guy though, his shit was always tight and he seemed like he knew how to have a good time.  

around the time this video came out it was fashionable to skate with some of the most butt-ugly shoes ever produced.  what shoe companies were the worst?  well, you guessed it, osiris was probably on the top of the list.  globe also had some ridiculously bad designs as well.



let's not crucify these guys for having a haggard style...i can say that i owned a few pair of globe's myself (however, they were pretty fashionable and were nowhere near the D3 steez.)  so put on your favorite pair of track pants/mesh shorts and sit back and enjoy the flip-in/flip-out craze that was 1997.  

ps- be on the lookout for smolik's insane kickflip over the fence.
pss- be on the lookout for one of the worst rap songs ever...

(malone's added his 2 cents on this one.  let us not forget the terribleness that was converse cashing in on skateboarding and making some god-awful shoes.)


  1. Don't forget about this gem

  2. fuck, i completely forgot about the haggard converse movement that happened. totally retardo.