Thursday, January 21, 2010

american zero

facetown-treatboyz presents: thrill of it all

this one is in response to brian's post with two of my favorite jams as well, welcome to hell and photosynthesis, respectively. this one is definitely a major trip down memory lane. i bought the tape 13 years ago at the now defunct skateshop, Unreal, which was one of the best shops around when i still lived in jersey. this was most definitely the shop for all us f-town skaters. when this place opened up it was a total godsend, we seriously had a haggard-ass ski/snowboard shop that had the most pathetic skateboard section ever. that's right Pelican, i'm talking about you! mail-order catalogs were our only hope, for serious...anyway, i'm getting a little off track here. i think i'll dedicate the next few blogs to the good skateshops, past & present.

back to our classic jam/jem of a video. this was zero's first video and while it doesn't showcase the most amazing skating, for it's time we knew these guys on the team were fucking serious. it does showcase matt mumford's foray into all things "caveman", adrian lopez's kickflip into anything style-before it was really popular too, erik ellington as a young ragamuffin that liked to toss himself down some serious shit, and of course jamie thomas-still non-jesus at the time.

i was kind of shocked when i re-watched this video, i remember it being short but it's literally just under the twenty minute mark! there are short, quick sections for each person but there's impressive tricks in each one. most notably is the "leap of faith" that thomas tries at the end of the video. to this day it's still a fucking insane drop. i remember cutting out the sequence from my transworld magazine and posting that shit up on my wall the minute i saw it. what kid doesn't imagine being able to pull this shit off? it was and still is a completely ridiculous ollie/backside grab over a handrail down like 2 stories. aaron harrison has some steep ollies in this one as well. the slams off the trailer are enough to make you never want to try an ollie like that ever..

be on the lookout for the bum named "lynne." he's a dead ringer for "dog" the bounty hunter. who knows, maybe it was that fool!

"i astro-project.."